We partner with forward-thinking clients and also commission our very own Studio Projects.

Consulting Projects

Studio Projects


Educators around the country are reinventing what school can and should be. But their vision for what’s possible is often boxed in by what they’ve seen. In partnership with Christina Jenkins from Room 402 and Rob Strain from Lemon Battery, we run The Inspiration Project, a series of immersive virtual “field trips” that offer educators bite-sized access to the most innovative learning environments around the globe.


Learning is a natural and ever-present human experience and yet, school is often associated with rules, memorization, and boredom. Together with educators and entrepreneurs from around the world, we envisioned and piloted new approaches to learning with young people and their families. Gnist places value on courage, play, and craftsmanship, and it opened in Fall 2023 in Aarhus, Denmark.