Who we are

We are a team of educators and designers who believe that learning is key to transformation.

We founded Franklin Street to help educators reimagine what schools could be: places of discovery, joy, and growthーnot just for the kids but for the adults, too.

In the early years of the studio, we observed that fatigue and stasis wasn’t just a phenomena of schools but of workplaces across sectors and industries. People craved opportunities to learn and grow in their jobs. They wanted to take some risks. Professional development felt disconnected. Team culture was stale. Org structures were inflexible. So began the next phase of Franklin Street: taking what we know about learning design and working with teams to explore new ideas, transform work habits, and reimagine themselves.

Founder & principal


Britt Erickson


Britt is an educator first and an entrepreneur second. Whether it’s alongside 6th graders, education leaders or tech executives, Britt designs powerful learning experiences that help people move into greater alignment with their purpose.  She lives in Denver, Colorado with her partner John and her loyal pup Max.

The team


Brian Lightfoot

Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer at Formation Ventures


Brian is the Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer at Formation Ventures. He focuses on authentically collaborating with students, families and communities to create spaces that build capacity and social capital. Additionally, Brian is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder. A proud HBCU alum, Brian received his B.A in Mass Media Arts from Clark Atlanta University. He lives in Denver with his wife, Nikki.

Christina Jenkins | Franklin Street Studio

Christina Jenkins

Co-founder of the Inspiration Project, Designer & Facilitator


Christina is a teacher, printmaker, neighbor and parent. Her work is inspired by Black Mountain College, Project Runway and the alumni of Room 402, her favorite classroom. Today, she designs spaces where young people and adults experiment with ideas and practice new ways of being.


Marielle Narcisa

Operations Manager


Marielle has a passion for collaborating with innovative organizations focused on equity in education systemic change. She brings expertise in project management, event planning, talent management and fundraising to her work. A Bay Area native, Marielle is an avid city-hopper who considers herself rooted in many places. Marielle and her husband now call northwest Arkansas home.

Rob Strain | Franklin Street Studio

Rob Strain

Co-founder of the Inspiration Project, Designer & Facilitator


Rob is a former first grade teacher and current coach, designer, and strategist. He works with courageous leaders who are trying to push the limits of what learning can look like — whether in a school, non-profit, or global corporation. He lives in Oakland with his husband and new puppy and is currently pushing his own learning curve through bread-making.


Yvonne Delbanco

Head of Teams


Yvonne is a teacher, school district leader, coach and relentlessly proud native New Yorker who loves people, (standard) poodles, and her local bodega. She believes deeply in the power of people-centered leadership to help individuals, teams, and organizations grow. She lives in NYC with her partner, two kids, and their patient poodle, Herschel.