How we work

We help you be your best and reach your goals.

Our work is grounded in legit learning theory.

This is what makes our learning experiences meaningful and effective. We make a point to keep up-to-date on the latest research. And as educators, we’ve seen the research backed up in practice. Here are three learning theories that ground all our work:

Trust learners to take the lead

Learning is most effective when teams bring their knowledge, experiences and ideas to the table. We design experiences with real learners in mind and then put them in the driver's seat to digest and apply their new insights.

Pose questions, not answers

We believe that asking the right questions unlocks new ideas. We help you interrogate your thinking and uncover new ways to solve your most pressing problems.

Design unforgettable experiences

Passive learning doesn’t work in classrooms, and it doesn’t work in the office. We take you out into the world to have immersive experiences, seek inspiration and try out new ways of working.


We seek inspiration and draw connections

We believe in research and theory. But we also believe in learning on the ground. We work all over the map ー globally, and across sectors ー and we’ve learned a lot from our partners. We constantly look for opportunities to draw unexpected connections and apply what we’ve learned.

We balance comfort and challenge

We believe that experiencing discomfort is a signal of growth. We create a supportive environment where you can step outside of your comfort zone to practice new ways of working.


We design for equity

We believe that our identities and lived experiences influence everything, including team culture. We strive to recognize the ways that race, gender and other identities show up in our work. We aim to interrupt harmful inequities when we encounter them and foster a culture of mutual support and growth.

We pursue our passions

We pursue our very own Studio Projects when we see an opportunity to make an impact. This allows us to be creative with our methods and approach. Learn more about our Studio Projects here.