How we work

We help you reimagine what your team could be. We do this by helping to move the culture from knowing it all to learning it all.

We design in partnership with our clients.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Every team is different. When we design a learning experience for your team, we do it collaborativelyーwith you and for you.

Our work is grounded in legit learning theory.

This is what makes our learning experiences meaningful and effective. We make a point to keep up-to-date on the latest research. And as educators, we’ve seen the research backed up in practice. Here are three learning theories that ground all our work:

Trust learners to take the lead

Learning is most effective when teams bring their own knowledge, experiences, and ideas to the table. We are never the sage on the stage but the guide on the side.

Pose questions, not answers

Working through questions, problems, and scenarios is critical to building the kind of self-reflection, trust, and curiosity that makes teams bigger and bolder in their thinking. Our facilitation style is all about asking questions, whether in large groups or in one-on-one coaching.

Design unforgettable experiences

Passive learning doesn’t work in classrooms, and it doesn’t work in the office. People learn best by doing and reflecting. We take you out into the world to have immersive experiences, meet inspiring leaders, and try out new perspectives and ways of being. 

Design Inspiration | Franklin Street Studio

We draw inspiration for design from…well, everywhere.

We believe in research and theory. But we also believe in learning on the ground. We work all over the mapーglobally, and across sectors and industriesーand we’ve learned a lot from our clients. We love when we can apply what we’ve learned to future designs.

We design with challenge in mind

We know that reimagining isn’t always comfortable. Learning doesn’t come without some un-learning. Teams don’t exist without important differences. We don’t pretend that they do. We are ready to work with you and your team to design learning experiences that are the right mix of challenge and comfort.

We design with challenge in mind | Franklin Street Studio
Designing for Equity | Franklin Street Studio

We design for equity

We believe that race, identity, and power dynamics influence everything, including team culture. We strive to disrupt inequity both internally as a team, and in our work with clients and partners.

We pursue our passions

We pursue our very own Studio Projects when we see an opportunity to make an impact. 

The Inspiration Project offers educators an opportunity to find joy in the unfamiliar via virtual field trips to innovative schools around the world. Interested in joining us?

Register for an upcoming field trip here.

We pursue our passions | Franklin Street Studio