Rockefeller Foundation

Convening to solve the world’s most pressing challenges


The Problem

Our society's biggest, most vexing challenges are — by definition — complex. Whether the issue is climate change, inequality, or the digital divide, making progress requires deep and meaningful collaboration across governments, private industry, and NGOs. The Rockefeller Foundation is committed to gathering diverse coalitions of leaders to tackle complex and pressing issues to make an impact.

The Work

In partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, we support global agencies, like the World Health Organization, Giga and UNICEF, and cutting-edge institutions like Helena and Open AI to design and execute convenings on society’s most pressing topics: climate finance, gender equity, biosecurity, digital inequity and global health. 

The Learning

We guide leading scholars, scientists, policy-makers and practitioners to design convenings that ensure their diverse participants build consensus and mobilize action.  

Create an unforgettable experience

The four-day experiences we design typically take place at Rockefeller’s Bellagio Center on Lake Como in Italy. Alongside the host organization, we design experiences that take advantage of the extraordinary setting and push attendees to imagine what’s possible as a result of their collaboration.

Facilitate meaningful dialogue

Sometimes we join our partners on the ground to facilitate their convening. When we do, our goal is to set the conditions for rigorous and impactful work — we design ways for attendees to learn together and craft actionable plans that will drive their mission forward.

Mobilize action

We design convenings with a bias towards action. We help groups come together for four days to align on big ideas and ultimately converge to come up with real decisions and commitments around the topics they care most about.

The Outcome

We’ve designed and led convenings that have enabled breakthrough innovations and cross-sector partnerships on the world’s most complex challenges. For example, teams have unlocked millions in capital to invest in decarbonization and launched novel public-private partnerships that enable global collaboration.