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Empowering families to find learning opportunities that work for them

RESCHOOL Colorado | Franklin Street Studio

The Problem

When young people experience a variety of learning experiences that they drive, they thrive. But the educational ecosystem is vast, complex and confusing. Think summer camps, afterschool programs, weekend tutoring, extracurricular lessons—where to look? Where to begin? Not to mention that out-of-school learning is inaccessible and inequitable, often dependent on private money.

The Work

Develop a digital playbook to help families navigate the massive learning ecosystem beyond traditional school. Provide public and philanthropic resources so that they can actually access the opportunities that their children want and need.

The Learning

Franklin Street led a design process in which we helped RESCHOOL:


RESCHOOL asked us to help them design a digital playbook. We pressed pause on jumping straight to solutions, asking: “Wait! What’s the digital playbook seeking to solve? Who is it for?” Once everybody was on the same page about purpose and intended audience, we conducted one: one interviews, surveys, and focus groups to understand user needs and preferences.


After conducting all the user research, we didn’t just design and deliver the digital playbook and bounce. At every stage of development, we presented RESCHOOL with prototypes with lots of options and alternatives. Their reactions and feedback drove the design of the next iteration.

The Outcome

RESCHOOL is in the process of developing its digital learner navigation playbook, including:

  • An open-source digital “toolbox” of content/resources

  • Highly engaging media offering “how-to” guidance to community-based organizations on how to support families in the navigation system

  • A Colorado-based Professional Learning Community focusing on how organizations can leverage new public dollars to reach more families and power the movement to make learning accessible to all!