Moonshot EdVentures

Empowering a new generation of education entrepreneurs

Moonshot EdVentures

The Problem

Young people benefit from interacting with teachers and leaders they can relate to. Yet, teachers and leaders in Metro Denver, and across the country, do not reflect the students and families they serve. At the same time, pipelines to entrepreneurship aren’t typically responsive to the unique assets and needs that leaders of color face as they consider how to launch a new venture.

The Work

Run a yearlong Residency Program to build the capacity of education entrepreneurs to lead innovative and impactful programs for children and families or color in metro Denver. Support those leaders via customized programming and coaching on topics like strategic thinking, people leadership and continuous improvement while building a tight community of support.

The Learning

Build community.

The program residency began with a week-long “intensive” designed to support authentic and meaningful relationships that formed the backbone of a year-long experience. 

Take the lead.

Residents join two full-day workshops each month for a combination of topic-based learning (e.g. forecasting revenue for the long term, Building an agile strategic plan, etc.); peer-to-peer consultancies; coaching with Franklin Street team members and independent work time. The mix of learning modalities and choice allow residents to make this experience their own.

design unforgettable experiences.

We take residents to Albuquerque to visit schools and programs that model the kind of innovative, empathetic, and student-centered environments they aspire to build.

The Impact

Residents are half way through their experience as of January 2022. Each of them has developed an agile strategic plan to guide their work over the next 2-3 years and they report the experience has been invaluable in helping them lay the groundwork for an impactful, values-driven organization that can sustain in the longterm.