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Moonshot EdVentures

Empowering a new generation of education entrepreneurs

Moonshot EdVentures | Franklin Street Studio

The Problem

Young people benefit from interacting with teachers and leaders they can relate to. Yet, teachers and leaders in Metro Denver, and across the country, do not reflect the students and families they serve, leaving students to question their sense of self and belonging at school.

The Work

Build a local pipeline of traditionally underrepresented school and program leaders in Denver. Support those leaders to build learning environments that reflect, empathize with, and celebrate the experience of the students and communities they serve.

The Learning

For the past five years, Franklin Street has guided each new cohort of Fellows to:


Through facilitated workshops, Fellows define clear Learner Aims for their future school or program.


To better understand and respect the communities they hoped to serve, fellows interview and converse with students and their families, explore community history, and “asset map” the community’s existing resources and strengths.


We take Fellows on Inspiration Visits to schools and programs, both in and outside of Denver, that model the kind of innovative, empathetic, and student-centered environments that they aspire to build.

The Outcome

Franklin Street has supported ~80—and counting!—Moonshot Fellows, 90% of whom are women or leaders of color, incorporate the community’s existing resources, strengths, and input into the programs and schools they design. Ultimately, they build learning experiences that honor, affirm, and celebrate their students’ identities.