Lyra Colorado

Preparing the next generation to address the impacts of climate change

Lyra Colorado | Franklin Street Studio

The Problem

Colorado’s natural resources, economy and way of life are under enormous pressure. As climate change accelerates, it brings irreversible threats to our future. Communities across Colorado are already feeling the acute pain points. Lyra believes that Colorado youth are key partners in building economic and environmental sustainability. They are already impassioned about climate  change — more so than any generation before them. Yet, our education system has yet to catch up with their commitment.

The Work

Lead Lyra’s team to develop a strategic vision for the work ahead so they maximize their impact across the state. Codify the approach and lessons learned to-date and guide the team to develop new insights for their work ahead. Ultimately, design and facilitate a convening with key partners to gather feedback on the new strategic vision.

The Learning

Over ~3 months, Franklin Street supported Lyra’s team to:

Ask hard questions.

We designed a strategic planning process entailing three “sprints” whereby the team tackled its most vexing questions. Our goal was never to settle for easy answers and always get to the root of a given challenge.

Develop a strong and collectively held vision.

The team emerged with a strategic vision including a summary of the effort’s origin story, a refreshed mission and vision, and strategic priorities and metrics for the next three years. 

Listen and learn.

Franklin Street facilitated a convening of education and climate leaders from across Colorado. There we shared the newly minted strategic vision, collected feedback and insights, and leveraged collective wisdom to shape the next draft.

The Outcome

Lyra’s work on climate education and economic development continues to grow. The team is implementing their new vision and continuously reflecting on its progress and lessons learned. Thet team continues to seek input and feedback from community leaders across the state to ensure their vision grows and evolves as they learn more.