Embark Education

Fostering collaboration & decision-making for greater impact


The Problem

Embark’s mission is to reimagine school to inspire and empower young people to drive their own learning. In order to create the conditions for young people to thrive, adults need to mirror mindsets around autonomy, creativity and inclusivity. That’s why Embark asked: how might we define our adult working culture and decision-making processes so that everyone is empowered to drive their work forward and have the greatest possible impact?

The Work

Our partnership is rooted in a shared belief that learning happens everywhere.  We hold a deep belief in the untapped power of effective organizational decision-making, which is why we launched our partnership with a series of learning engagements focused on how organizations can make more empowered and inclusive decisions. 

The Learning

Franklin Street led a design process to help the Embark team:

Connect and co-create.

We believe that the best partnerships stem from real needs. That’s why we take an emergent approach to our collaboration: we agree to work on specific projects that are timely, relevant, and that will make a difference to both of our teams.

Build shared vision.

We launched our partnership by grounding in the practice of organizational decision-making. We built a collective vocabulary and playbook for decision-making and then practiced inclusive and empowered decision-making practices together.

design unforgettable experiences.

We collaborated on three organizational retreats aimed at setting a foundation for culture, trust and inclusive decision-making across the organization. We integrated unexpected experiences like forest bathing that pushed the team to think creatively about their work and organizational culture.

The Outcome

Our work together is ongoing and we are collaborating to help define Embark’s vision for adult learning across the organization. The decision-making playbook is the foundation for how each team operates cohesively and our work ahead will build on these common practices that we developed together.