August Public

Supporting organizations to adapt and thrive in the transition to hybrid work.

August Public | Franklin Street Studio

The Problem

When COVID-19 struck, employees who relied heavily on in-person collaboration suddenly found themselves on endless zoom calls, juggling new home responsibilities, and pretending to have it all together during an unprecedented year. As a result, employee burnout and stress are at an all-time high. To successfully adapt, organizations around the world must question deeply held mindsets about productivity, collaboration and management and try out new ways of working together.

The Work

Develop a Playbook to provide leaders and teams with practical tools to help them adapt to hybrid work, and ultimately support them to improve how they collaborate, communicate, and get work done.

The Learning

Building on August’s expertise in agile, inclusive workplaces, Franklin Street developed a collection of Hybrid work practices and supporting guides, templates and videos to help teams thrive.  The playbook was intentionally designed to foster:

Meaningful shared experiences

Tools are designed to foster dialogue and trust within teams and across organizations.

The right balance of challenge and support

Each practice begins with a simple hook, something teams can implement immediately. From there, we offer extensions and additional resources so that teams can go deeper.

Equity-centered team cultures

Every hybrid work practice contains explicit support for advancing racial and gender equity.

The Outcome

August’s Playbook consists of eleven research-based practices to improve team experiences and outcomes in a hybrid work setting. It’s currently being used by nonprofits and corporations across the US to guide teams through the transition to hybrid work, and it serves as a critical backbone for August’s growing Hybrid Work service line.