It’s here!

This piece represents our very first post. Our intention is to use the page for periodic updates, bite-sized doses of inspiration, and occasional musings on what we’re learning - all with the hope that it gives you a boost in your own work.

As many of you know well, Franklin Street was founded with a core belief we are all learners at heart.

And yet, learning in institutions - whether that be schools or workplaces - doesn’t often feel that way. Too often these formal learning experiences feel disconnected or stale. And yet, the research is sound. Impactful work requires us to learn individually and collectively (just ask Amy Edmondson or source). But more importantly, our spirits require it too. Each of us needs time to reflect, be challenged, have fun, and ultimately to learn new ways of being and work to stay grounded, sane, and connected.

That’s why our 2022 Franklin Street intention is to invest in our own learning and inspiration. We’ll do this in a few ways but the one we’re most excited about is our Inspiration Retreats. Each is organized around a big question or theme we’re grappling with such as: Advancing racial justice via good design; Growing an organization without burning out; Staying creative, virtually. Our first Inspiration Retreat will take place in June and we’ll be sure to share how it goes.

An Inspiration Retreat means we’ll visit organizations - some like ours and others decidedly not like ours - to understand their point of view on our theme. Then we give ourselves time and space to draw out connections and implications for Franklin Street.

Want to try this out for yourself?

We created this Inspiration Planning Tool.  Use it to reflect on the key questions you might seek inspiration on this year. What might you try deliberately in 2022 to stoke your sense of wonder and curiosity? And how might your team learn its way into more values-aligned, more sustainable, and more impactful work together?

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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